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Kauppavalmennus is a company that studies, developes and trains processes and software in retail according to lean management principals.

Our customers are both individual stores that want to improve their performance, and parts of the supply chain (retail chains & industry) that want to be more efficient dealing with stores.

At the moment we are focusing on three kinds of waste, which are everywhere and easy to recognize, but hard to do anything about them. Those three factors are:

  • Food waste – food becomes spoiled
  • Shortages – the store frequently runs out of individual goods
  • Excess storage – the store has more goods than can be fit on shelves

These are all everyday problems on almost every store. With modern computerized supply chain management the problems have decreased, but are still significant. These are usually systemical problems that will occur frequently until fixed. At the same time they are usually so small, that on one product alone they would be insignifficant, but since the amount of these small problems is huge, together they form a big problem.

The way to fix these problems is fixing them the moment they occur. Every time food is wasted, product runs out or it can’t fit on shelves, they signal an andon. This is a sign that something might be wrong and must be checked. This is made possible with training and software that makes it possible to inspect every deviation from standard instantly.

By doing this it is possible to reduce food waste in a regular supermarket by 20-30%, which amounts as much as 40000-60000€ every year. In hypermarkets this can rise up to 100000€. At the same time less goods run out, which makes the customers happy, and less goods needs to be stored, so less work is needed to transport them between shelves and storage. We make all this possible.

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